Key Tips for Any Bride Planning Her Own Wedding

1. Have A Vision & Look No Further…

What do I mean? I mean B A S I C. You want to wear a dress? Write "GOOGLE DRESS SHOPS". You want to feed your guests? Write "RESEARCH FOOD". Why am I suggesting you keep it plain and simple? Because if you write "BUY DRESS" or "BOOK CATERER" the task seems, well, daunting and it could be months before you check that off! Beauty Marked Events clients know this process as creating the “Biggie Smalls” Task list! By breaking down each BIG task into small, achievable goals you’re more likely to get - it- DONE! Oh, and once you’ve checked off a task… DO NOT LOOK BACK! I repeat… DO NOT LOOK BACK!!

I’m rooting for you and I want you succeeding, from the very beginning.

2. Call a recently married friend. 

Are you entitled to a 100% unique wedding that tells your unique love story


Do you need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to figuring out how to rent chairs for 150 people? 

no freaking way.

Call a friend that did this recently and simply ask, "What do I need to know that you wish you'd known?"

Write those tips down and thank your bestie!

3. Dream a little. 

I'm a logistics girl who’s part OCD and a little anal - there i said it.

As wedding planner and event coordinator I am ALL about getting my clients from A to B; to the Altar with no fluff nor mishap in between. 

So this is me stepping outside of my usual checklist (box) and saying get to Pinning! Yes, log on to Pinterest and start creating your Dream Boards - in a smart way. Seriously, take a look at one of your Pins on your wedding board and truly dig into it. Is it flowers? Discover what kind of stems they are so you can tell your florist exactly what you’re looking for. Is it a dress? Find out what brand it is, and go try it on! This is where dreaming becomes planning, beautiful bride. 


4. Don't order the extras yet!

Okay so this is going to sound blunt but I swear I am not being mean! Just think of this as your best girlfriend who isn’t afraid to tell you that you have broccoli in your teeth. Friends help friends FOCUS… and that’s what i aim to do here, love.

Don't order or buy anything under $100 for your wedding until you have booked the “Biggies”: Photographer, Caterer, Venue, etc. In fact, I'd urge you to wait to do “micro-shopping” until you’re in the “clear” of all of your big purchases. 

Goodbye, tempting Etsy purchase!

5. Stop over-thinking wedding party attire. 

This can become a black hole of time spent “googling” and it will leave you feeling discouraged. Instead, pick your favorite hue and then allow your crew (see what i did there?) to pick a style that best suits their personality! Trust me, in the end it’s one less decision you’ll have to make AND it allows your crew to purchase a keepsake from your Wedding Day.. Win - Win!

6. Make a list of people you want to honor and include. 

It will honestly help inform your planning decisions if you have a sticky note on your computer screen or on the front of your wedding planning notebook with the names of those people who helped raise you, who helped you when you needed it the most… those who you could not imagine having in your life. You'll know exactly what you need to do to make each person feel loved, and after your wedding you'll be so glad you did. EXTRA TIP!! Having this list created early on will help you to build a “Shot List” for your photographer. Remember that phrase, it will come in handy throughout your journey to the aisle.

7. Learn the guest list secret

There is one. You’ll need an A List and a B List and here’s why…

Having two lists is how you'll be able to invite the most people without raising your budget or having to find a larger venue. Here's how it works: Your A-list consists of the must-have invites you couldn't imagine not having at your wedding, like your family and close friends. They'll receive your first round of invitations. Your B-list is made up of guests you still really want to be there, so don't put just anyone on it. If you start getting RSVPs and it turns out you have enough "regrets," then you'll start sending invites to your B-list (in order of importance). 

Tip: If you send your B-list invites too close to the wedding (within a week or two), you might as well tell those guests they're second best. Do it without being obvious. Send your A-list invites 10 weeks in advance (a little earlier than usual), which will give you time to send invites to your B-list six to eight weeks before your wedding. Don't forget to print a second set of reply cards with a later RSVP date (sending RSVPs with a date that has passed is a dead giveaway that the recipients were on your B-list).

You'll thank me later. 

8. Make a list of all the "wedding traditions"...

                        …then cross some off

Just start jotting down things like...

Bouquet Toss
Wearing a veil
Waiting to see groom till altar
Cut Cake
First Dance
Exit Strategy - i.e. Sparklers
Something Blue

Make note of every "wedding norm" you can think of, and then seriously think about if that's something you want to include. If you do, great! I'm just here to remind you that your day is a very short amount of time, and I want you to spend it doing all the things that mean something to younot things you feel like you SHOULD do.

9. Follow these First Steps!

I  already wrote down the first couple of tasks ANY bride needs to do and exactly HOW to do them and it's FO FREE!

10. Enjoy Every Moment!!

 Enough said. Remember, this is your Wedding Day! Be sure to have fun during the process!

Feeling like you could use a little more guidance?

Girl, I got you. 

I'd be happy to have a phone chat with you to truly listen to your vision and the areas you need help with.

Let's call it a clarity session. 

You can ask me anything, or I can guide you through creating a list of to-dos, and you'll be on your DIY-ing way!

Give me a holler —> here :)