How To Start Planning Your Wedding


Let’s kick things off with a WOO HOO!! You’re Engaged! CONGRATULATIONS! This is the start of an amazing journey and I’m honored you’re reading our lil’ old blog post on how to get started Planning your Big day!

Before diving into our recommended planning list of “ To Do’s”, I’d like to share a few kind words with you. It’s not easy to admit that you need help so I am in awe of your strength, modesty and wisdom to seek guidance early on in the process.  Embarking on this journey with a team on your side, a team dedicated to making sure you enjoy your engagement and live the story you’ll be telling for years to come means you truly are meant for a no stress, mistake-free, beautifully marked day. Hip, Hip... HOORAY!

So, let’s get to the good stuff.

We’ve taken our years of experience to build this wedding ready mini checklist to save you time and save you $$$!

Beauty Marked Mini Wedding Planning Checklist:

  • Start a Wedding Binder

    • It’s important to keep record of your ideas, your wants and needs early on to help you remain on track throughout the planning process. With Google and Pinterest supplying countless ideas, you’ll want to make sure all decisions you make stay true to what you truly want.


  • Pick a Date!

    • With a date in mind, you’re able to narrow down your venues (based on their availability), the look of your day and your décor.


  • Determine Your Wedding Budget

    • Having a firm budget helps you establish limits when you’re in the research phase of planning. See our Free Budget Tracker to help you get started! Fun fact: think about the kind of wedding you want to have. Do you want a Low Key Food Truck wedding? A Black Tie affair? Do you want a DJ or a Band? With your ideal wedding in mind, you can breakdown your budget and be real with your spending.


  • Name your Crew! (Pick your Wedding Party)

    • Now the time has come to decide who you’d like to have standing by your side on your Wedding Day. Naming your #squad early on gives you the chance to take your time, which is key because once you ask you can’t go back on your word. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when you’re choosing your Wedding Party:
      • Be Honest with What you Need from your Wedding Party
        • What tasks will they be responsible for? Are they simply planning the “Last Hoo-Rah” bashes or will they play an active role in sending invitations, going dress shopping, etc.
      • Family First
        • Always remember, family comes first. Even if you do not have a strong relationship with your siblings, asking them to be included is the nice thing to do. Keep in mind; you’ll be sharing this story for the rest of your life. Make sure that story is an enjoyable one.
      • Size Truly Matters
        • The more attendants you have by your side, the more details you’ll have to organize (from wedding party gifts to planning fittings around busy schedules) just remember to keep this in mind when building your Wedding Timeline! Fun Fact: The average wedding party size is four on either side. That number can shift to either more or less depending on how formal your day will be. P.s. at the end of the day, it’s your day so #dowhatyouwant but just make sure you’re mindful of your budget.
Photography by Addison George Photography

Photography by Addison George Photography

  • Start Your Guest List

    • Think about:
      • The number of guests you can afford based on your budget.

      • The kind of wedding you want to have.

      • Make an A-List and a B-List (you’ll have some guests who are unable to attend).


  • Book your Venue

    • Yay!!! Your Wedding Venue is booked! You’ll want to make note of rental fees, deposit deadlines, weather contingency plans, parking, the total number of restrooms (and their locations) as well as handicap accessibility. Here’s a tip, make sure you get EVERYTHING in writing to hold all parties accountable for doing what they say they will do.


  • Book your Officiant

    • This goes without saying but your officiant will have a busy schedule too! Now that you’ve booked your venue, make sure to book your officiant also.


  • Research Photographers, Bands, Florists and Caterers


  • Celebrate your Engagement!

    • Make sure to take time to enjoy your engagement with your loved ones! You should celebrate this moment every opportunity you have to!               


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