Our Mission - Living to Serve Others

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With a world consumed with living “on demand”, life is moving faster than light leading to an overworked, un-joyed and stressed society. Growing up, my mother carried the weight of a Role Model, a Father, a Doctor, a Driver, a Psychologist, a Chef, a Teacher, an Employee and Friend and made the juggle look so easy! Watching her find energy amidst her broken-down physique was equal parts tough and admirable.

My mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer my sophomore year of college and it rocked my world. She (and my siblings) were all that I had so thinking of the “what if’s” wasn’t an option, it just couldn’t be. Watching the toll radiation took on her and the thinning of her face, the loss of her hair sickened my core but I believed the situation would fade and she would come out strong, she had to! Thinking back, My tween-age nights were spent chatting about what I wanted to be when I “grew up” and “who I would marry” … rehearsing talent show dance moves to songs by N*Sync (yup), The Jackson Five, Elvis Presley and Ray Charles. I was fully aware of what was going on and like I said it was hard to watch but accepting it, praying about it and thinking as if it wasn’t happening was the only way I could convince myself that my best friend was here to stay.

Today, I can say, positive thinking and prayer truly saved her life. That moment taught me the importance of taking it s-l-o-w … but I can’t say that I practiced what I preached, immediately.

 When my (now) Husband proposed, that very same feeling of angst rushed in. The only way I knew how to tackle a to do list was to run around like a maniac. The wedding was beautiful (If I must say so myself) but dang was I exhausted! I’ll admit it, I should have waved a white flag, surrendered my tired arms to those around me and simply asked for help!

Some search an entire lifetime for their purpose on earth. My Saviors Lead, Marrying my Husband, dancing to Stand by Me with my Momma at our Wedding and the birth of our son guided me to mine. These were the moments I could exist in, no rushing… just joyfully being present. God put me here to help others be a part of their life’s greatest moments and hold tight to even the smallest of memories. 

So, why do I do what I do? Truly, my heart is at it’s happiest when I am serving others.  Reminding others to ‘slow down and make the good times last, to remove stress from their lives and to live life making memories.

Thanks for reading!